Nona's Arts & Illustration
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Character Illustration

Coloured sketchbook drawing. A nervous wreak, but things are getting a little better for him.
A werewolf girl who is both troubled and troubling for those around her.
A young man who thinks the world of himself, whilst the world does not agree.
A charismatic blood mage and born leader. Perhaps she'd resent that second one.
Former slave, skilled tavern brawler, lover of books on engineering.
A necromantic feline.

Ink line & watercolour character illustration to accompany a children's story. Commissioned as part of a gift for a little boy who really loves his unicorn onesie.

Narrative Illustration

A set of three ink & watercolour illustrations commissioned for a wrtiers' anthology.

General Illustration

Set of 3 chickens in ink, postcard size.

Other Work

Dragonbolt Crafts Logo

Part of a set of logo files in various pixel dimensions to suit social media use. Produced for a company specialising in bespoke costuming and pyrography, and based on a design by the commissioner.
Dragonbolt Crafts can be found at their social media home here.